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Headshots are one of the most important marketing materials for artists looking to book jobs. The first impression your headshot makes on a casting director is critical. Your audition begins the moment you walk into the casting room but your headshots often determine whether you get the chance to walk into that room in the first place. Here is some information that will help you make the most out of your shoot and crush your headshots!

What Can I use these Headshots for?

  • Online casting profiles

  • Submitting to agents and managers for possible representation

  • Personal actor websites

  • Professional social media profiles

  • Marketing materials (i.e., postcards, business cards)

-These days, most auditions ask for online submissions, so in addition to hard copies, you will also need digital copies of           your headshot to upload onto online casting profiles. 

-For theater auditions, it is standard practice to bring a hard copy of your headshot, so you should always come to an               audition armed with your headshot.

what is the Headshot Process

  1. Pre-Shoot Discussion: When you first arrive at the shoot, I will ask some questions about your goals and the questionnaire you filled out before the shoot. We will decide on the best setting and outfit to help you achieve each "Look." You are welcome to bring any inspiration to the shoot. 

  2. The Shoot: The shoot will last about 30 minutes. We will be capturing 2 different "Looks." I will guide you through the process for each look and direct you where to stand, what to do. Please feel free to ask any questions when you're not sure. I will take a lot of shots quickly (about 5-10 images per burst) so I can best capture any subtle expression changes on your face. I can show you the pictures throughout the shoot so you get an idea of what the images look like and you can make changes if you're not liking certain things.

  3. After the Shoot: I will make basic color adjustments before sending the shots to you for review. A link to your proof gallery will be sent to your email. From there you can view the proofs and select which pictures you like best. (Please see the download guide below.

  4. Retouching and Printing: Once your photo selection is made, I will apply further edits to enhance the image, and I will remove any blemishes that are not permanent features of your face. The images will then be sent to the lab for printing. Once printed, they will be mailed to your address. The Digital copies will also be emailed to your email address.

What are "Looks"? 

-Looks are the outfits, backdrop, poses and expressions in your headshots that exemplify the feeling you are trying to       convey to the casting director.   

-For each Look, you'll usually do a variety of poses and expressions. 

-To increase marketability, actors should do at least two looks, aiming for one "Commercial" and one "Legit" shot at               minimum. 

  • Commercial Headshots are smiley, bright, and have a sense of fun. This type of headshot can be used for submitting to acting jobs in musicals, commercials, or comedic and light scenes. 

  • Legit shots are darker, moodier, and convey a more serious tone.  This is a more serious headshot that can cover a range of expressions from confident to depressed. They should be used when auditioning for more serious roles, such as a Shakespeare tragedy or dramatic TV shows and films.


Different types of headshot should be used for different roles, depending on the kind of character you’re going out for. Once you understand what your Type is, you can define a Look that suits you and your goals. 

What is my "Type"?

Deciding your "Type" means defining the specific attributes, strengths, and the qualities that make you marketable and           unique to each kind of role you are auditioning for. 

Some good questions to ask yourself when defining your Type:

  • What types of projects do I want to work on? (musical, dramas, comedies, Shakespeare, etc.)

  • Which types of characters/roles do I want to play and would likely get cast in? (leading lady or man, funny best friend, mother, father, jock, queen bee, love interest, angry old man, girl next door, etc.)

If you are looking for a specific types of acting jobs, I can help create the Look you are aiming for. 

What Should I Wear for my Headshots?

  • ​Start by choosing flattering clothing you LOVE that makes you feel confident and authentically you,

  • Do not wear a costume. 

  • Wear what showcases your personal style best, but remember-Simplicity is key. 

  • In general, solid colors are preferred because patterns and logos are distracting.

  • Layers can add more depth, so open jackets are great additions to outfits and can offer variety in poses.

  • Most colors work fine, but you should stay away from bright or light colors like white, light gray, light pink, etc., as they can appear too bright on camera.

  • Pick colors that bring out your eyes and complement your skin tone. 

  • If you are going for two different Looks, bring a different outfit for each Look.

  • Be sure your clothing aligns with the type of Look you're shooting for and the Types of roles you're auditioning for.

How to Prepare for Your Shoot

Photoshoots can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. There is no need to worry- I can answer any questions anytime during the shoot to help put you at ease. 

Here are a few are a few key things to keep in mind before your shoot:

  1. Bring your clothing and anything else needed for each Look. 

  2. Please be sure to be on time and be ready to start shooting when your shoot time is up.

  3. Be prepared to try different expressions and poses. It's even a good idea to try a little warm up to get yourself relaxed and tuned in! 

  4. HAVE FUN! 

How Do I Receive My Headshots from the Workshop?

This workshop includes 2 Headshots selections and 2 printed copies of each selection. You will also receive digital downloads of each selected image.

After the shoot, the images are color corrected and uploaded to a gallery. I will send the link and password to your Proof Gallery to the email you submitted in the Headshot Questionnaire. You will receive the link to your Proof Gallery within one week of the shoot. After logging in your Proof Gallery, you will be able to view the proofs and select the 2 headshots that you would like printed. 

How to Select Your Images:

  1. Choose which image is best for each Look you want to achieve.

  2. Click the Heart Icon to create your Favorite's List.

  3. Enter your Email. Your Favorite's List is now created!

  4. Once your Favorite List is made, I will receive an email regarding your selection. 

  5. I will apply further edits to enhance the images and will remove any blemishes that are not permanent features of your face. 

  6. The final edited images will then be sent to the lab for printing.

  7. Once printed, they will be mailed to the address you submitted on your questionnaire.

  8. The Digital copies will also be emailed to your email address.

Can I Purchase Additional Shots?

Yes! You are more than welcome to purchase additional printed headshots or digital downloads to print on your own anytime down the road. 


How to Purchase Additional Shots:

  1. Log in to your Proof Gallery with your link and password.

  2. Add your selected shot to your Favorite's List by clicking the Heart Icon on your image.

  3. Send me an email at to let me know you would like to purchase have made your selection.

  4. I will apply basic edits to enhance the images and will remove any blemishes that are not permanent features of your face. 

  5. Within a week, I will send you an email with a link to purchase your edited images.

  6. Log on to your gallery and add your selections to the Cart. Purchase as many prints as you would like!

  7. Checkout!  

  8. Your order will then be sent to the lab for printing and they will be mailed to your address.

  9. If you wish to print your headshots with your own or plan to use the images for your professional social media accounts or websites, Digital Downloads are available to purchase. The images will be available for download immediately.



If you have questions about the selection process or about purchasing Additional Shots, feel free to drop me a line at 

Often times, when you show up on set, it will be the first time you meet your photographer. So in an effort to gain an understanding of your headshot goals and to help me guide you in taking headshots that are authentically you and speak to your personal brand, please fill out the questionnaire below. If you have any questions, concerns, or need any special accommodations for your shoot, please send me a message HERE!





Thank You!
I    look forward to working with you!

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