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Hello, I 'm

photogrpaher + magic maker


I have been traveling since I was a little babe, and I am a nomad at heart with a case of wanderlust. I am based out of the Midwest, but I am always down for an adventure. I have a camera, a rooftop tent, and a passport and I can be ready in a heartbeat to venture to far away lands to document beautiful souls and beautiful sites.


When I started photography, I was just looking for an outlet for my growing creative passion. I never expected that it would become my job one day to capture the most important moments of people's lives. This responsibility is never lost on me and I do all I can to make sure my couples have the best experience, not to mention super happy with their kick ass photos! 


My favorite thing about photography is creating visual representations of relationships, love, and human connections. I think love is so epic, and I strive to create art that will reflect your epic love. That's why I'm not a stand and smile type of photographer. I enjoy creating images that capture the beauty of human connection. I love asking my couples to get adventurous and I truly encourage raw and honest emotions.

Love is real and love is hard, but I believe that it is nothing short of MAGIC. 



I   love working with people who

*find joy in the little things

*aren't afraid to laugh at themselves

*always up for an adventure




National Parks


I have a twin sister, but you'll never get us confused because we don't even look related!


I met my husband in college, and we took the long road and dated for over a decade before we got married. 

I am a proud dog momma to my precious rescue doodle, Oslo, AKA Ozzie Bear. He is the light of my life!


I was bitten by the travel bug when I was young, and I have been so fortunate to have traveled to 15 countries so far. I'm always looking for the next stamp on my passport.

I love hiking and camping and exploring nature. And I especially love visiting Nationals Parks. I've only hit 11 so far, but I'm planning on more.


I think music, laughter, and travel are the cure for everything, and I would be lost without any of them. 









I’m always a text or a call away for all of my couples – need advice, recommendations, photo session outfit ideas, a vent session? I GOT YOU.
I would be so honored to document every sweet smile, belly laugh, heartfelt glance, and all of the “holy cow, I can’t believe today is the day” feels on your wedding day.

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